Friday, March 6, 2015

Let The Games Begin

Demolition has begun. So far we have pulled out most of the cabinets in the kitchen and all of the carpeting in the extra bedrooms. One of those rooms was the "bird room" where many birds had free rein of the entire room and sadly they all eventually died when the owners left. Ummm... Yeah.. Icky.

The other room was where the dogs were kept. This room is also next to a bathroom that at one time had a pretty significant leak. The water from the leak made its way into the bedroom. Not pretty.. The carpet in that room was pretty difficult to remove as it was stuck to the flooring underneath pretty securely. I'm just going to believe it was stuck down with some type of awesome glue and the animals that lived in that room had nothing to do with the carpet adhesion.


So once the carpet was removed the flooring was treated with a bleach and water solution and left to dry. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the carpet that was in there but it was a nice forest green with a kaleidoscope of stains in varying colors. I do however, have some pictures of the kitchen demo.

Sink side of kitchen pre-demo:

Sink side after demo...and yes that is a random deep freeze right next to the refrigerator thank you very much

Stove side pre-demo:

Stove side after demo. Removing the cabinets revealed some circa 1998 wallpaper.

The stove/oven is in good shape and will stay. Confession time - the oven is actually WAY cleaner than the one at my house. I was not brave enough to open the refrigerator or deep freeze because quite frankly I'm sometimes scared to open the one at my own house. Thankfully my husband is way braver than I am, and he opened both and surprisingly they were clean and empty. The deep freeze was moved to a storage building and the refrigerator will most likely stay. I would love a new stainless one but we are doing this remodel on a strict budget and why get rid of a perfectly good refrigerator right? But a new one sure would be purty....

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