Saturday, May 9, 2015

What I Have Been Doing

It's been a while since my last post. I wish I could say that my husband and I took a month long vacation to some remote tropical island but who would believe that? Actually every extra bit of time we have had outside of working over the past 6 weeks has been spent fixing up our house to get it ready to sell. Because we have been so focused on our present house there has been little to no time spent on our future dwelling place. But, thanks to an on fire housing market in our area, we listed and sold our house on the same day. Halleluiah!!!! Now comes the time in the home selling process that I call "home selling purgatory". During this time, we wait for the sellers financing, the home inspection, and the appraisal to all come back. If all goes as planned we will close on June 5th and start the long process of making our little Eunice livable.

Don't judge - I named our future temporary home Eunice.

We visited Eunice for the first time in many months this past weekend and I'm telling you we both had a sense of overwhelming discouragement as we went through all that needs to be done to her. It was made more evident by the new patch of black mold that popped up on one of the walls since the last time we were there. Obviously putting a new roof on Eunice will be major project numeral Uno after we close. Well maybe major project numeral Dos since the extensive mold removal will need to take place immediately. Sometimes it is all too much and we really kicked around alternative living ideas this weekend because I think we both briefly lost sight of the big picture. But then last Sunday night after talking with some friends about all of this, they dug out some pictures that they took of our current home on the day we got the keys after closing. Seeing those pictures made me realize how far we have brought this home, and gave me the "want to" to keep plugging along on Eunice.

Here is the entryway. First pic is circa 1999, and the one on the right is 2015.

Master bath back in the day and now:

Kitchen now and on the day we closed:


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